Friday, March 23, 2012


The only pet we have are the girls. Or should I say, pets. We don't have a fish or a turtle nothing. Of course if you count the lizards, roaches and pesky mozzies as pets, yeah we have plenty of those. Too many to be desired as a matter of fact. But, no adorable kittens or puppies or dogs even. It suits us fine. It suits me fine.

But, MIL has a dog. The dog I 'rescued' from the pound some 10 years ago. See, hubby's previous dog died and for his birthday, I thought I'd get him another for his birthday. And I did. His name is Happy2 (Happy1 has gone to doggie heaven). So, Happy2 lives with MIL. Why? Well because it's his home for starters. He's got all his paraphernalias there i.e his pillow, blanket,his makeshift tent..but no large dog crates I'm afraid. Don't have that kind of cash. No matter, he loves it there. It's been his home ever since I brought him back.

Secondly, he's got a huge responsibility of taking care of the folks. Alert them of strangers. Deter strangers away with his fangs. I mean, he can be one fierce dog when it comes to protecting his loved ones. But, coos like a puppy around us. 

He's getting old. He's not been as jumpy as he used to be. It will be any time soon, you know. As much as we want them to live forever, no being is immortal. Not even animals. Anyway, just remembering, and recording.   

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