Friday, March 2, 2012


"For decoration my face" says my 5 year old. Not grammatically correct but I know what she said. She was referring to her make-up kit (play, of course) in her handbag when she showed them to me. I was "ok".

I don't know but she's at this stage where she's all princessy (she's been like this for a while now), she likes to dress-up, she likes very girly things. But, strangely, inspite of all her feminine-ness, she can kick a soccer ball. SHe is what you'd call a princess-soccer person. Soccer-Princess if you will. I can only imagine her with her tiara and tu-tu out on the field playing little league. She'll be the most elegant player out there..hehe..I should really record her antics, and download them to let her watch on a vlc player..heheh :-).

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