Sunday, February 26, 2012

The flu that's going around

Just take a second to be extra careful with them kids. Bad flu virus going around. Mini kena-ed. She has been vomiting and coughing and fevering the past 2 days. A couple of days before, she threw up while on the way to school but, she was all jumpy after that so we thought nothing of it. Then just last Friday, she started having fever and threw up again. Then, coughing at night. Last night, she threw up again which caused us to stay up past mid-night to get the sheets, pillow, bolsters, blanket..etc..all washed. Or rather, I stayed up cos hubby couldn't tahan any longer and he went up to sleep. 

So, that was that. SHe's ok now, for now. We have to wait till night time to truly know if she is totally fine or not. Worst will be another case of sleepless night for us O_O. 


mom2ashleyaidan said...

Oh No! Hope she gets well soon!

Ann said...

Gosh...I hate the vomits. 2nd worse thing to the fevers. Hope all is getting better now.

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