Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sisters Act

Those two are really something. They can be fighting and disagreeing with each other one day; and be all best bud the next. Intrigued? No need because it's all a natural phenomenon of sisterhood.

So, what is all this 'sisterhood' about anyway? I can't say what it compared to say - a brotherhood- because, I don't have brothers. But, I do have to say that being sisters can be great fun.

Despite all the fights my girls have, they simply cannot live without each other. They have to be in the same room, they have to know where each other is, they are each other's playmates...and I guess you could say also, they are each other's soul mate. They understand each other, they tolerate each other and they love each other to bits. Like, whenever I go shopping with either one of the girls, they will pick up something and "Oh, I think EMily will love this"...or "this is Ashley's favourite". So endearing.

One thing though : they are totally opposites in character and personality. Even their taste in everything is different. One is so so girly and the other is really like a boy. Mini will not wear skirts. OK, maybe not never ever wear dresses or skirts but she prefers T-Shirts and shorts/pants. Ash is all jewelery and Mini is hard ball. I can imagine Mini roughing out with the boys and being fascinated with baseball; whereas her sister spends hours at the Princess shop and will immerse herself on No kidding!

Well, whatever it is, they only have each other and they best keep each other for life!

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