Sunday, May 19, 2013

Still a Baby

At 6 years, Ash can still be quite the baby of the household. Sometimes, she'd whine like a baby. Or, she'd want to be carried...yep, like a baby. She wants me to sleep beside her, snuggle up to a baby. 

ALso, many would gasp at her because she still takes the bottle!!! Although she takes less milk these days, she still insist on the bottle at night before bedtime. She still has her beloved comfort pillow - the one she had when she was born. 

In fact, I only just teased her yesterday for still taking the bottle and having her 'meow meow' (her comfort pillow). She giggled and cheekily retorted that she'll continue to indulge herself "even when I am 10 years old". Yea right! When boys come into the picture, she'd throw out her bottle (and her comfort pillow) in no time. 

She still gets to keep her baby stuff while she's still able to :-).

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