Thursday, September 13, 2012

Princess Shop

There's a shop for Princesses in KL. Yup, that's right folks because according to my 5 year old, the shop she frequents quite a bit for her little princess knick knacks is right here in our neighbourhood. Cool eh?

OK la. It's not "truly" a Princess Shop but it's a shop where you can find loads of things. I mean, seriously, loads of things. Loads of Made in China things. Furthermore, the shop is called Fun n Cheer. "Fun" AND "Cheer" because Ash always has fun and cheers loudly whenever we are heading that direction.

I kinda love it too because I don't have to pay back-breaking prices at Toys R Us, and the girls get the heck out of shopping for princessy things. Anything! You name it : hairbands, books, notebooks, lipstick pens, handle grips..Anything. It's her shopping paradise. And I don't mind it one bit. Like, once, she wanted us to get her a magnifying glass. I know, it isn't exactly very Princess cos' it's ugly and black in colour. But, she was obsessed with being Tin Tin and hunting for clues, she wanted one. As it turns out, Princess Shop has one exactly her size. What luck! Plus the damage to my pocket (which isn't really damaged) was only RM0.90. In total, I paid RM1.80 for 2 miniature sized magnifying glasses.

I tell you...a happy kid, makes a happy mom (and dad's pocket) :-D.

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