Sunday, September 9, 2012

New 2013 Ikea Catalogue

I was at Ikea and managed to snagged the new Ikea Catalogue. I always thought you can just grab a copy from the stands or customer service desk. You ask for one, and they'd just give you one. This time though, I was asked to "register" for my copy. Register as in write my name, address, marital status and what I'd like for breakfast. OK..I made the last one up. Still? Why do they need us to write down our names and stuff. Of course, me being the all complying one, wrote my real name and real address. See! So next time you're at Ikea, don't put down your 'real' name and address. Unless they are giving away free sofa bed or couch with every copy registered, then you might wanna give them your real address...and your real name. I love Ikea. Ikea is everything. They have everything. The only thing they do not have are fresh foods and catering equipment suppliers. Might wanna work on that, Ikea! :-).

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