Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ash has been asking for a cat. A real cat. The one that meows and shits all over the place. Also, the one that hubby detests. Yep, the CAT.

We were like...OK. To convince us, she even volunteered to clean the cat, walk the cat (?) and shower the cat (??). 

Honestly, both hubby and I are not too fond of having cats as pets. OK, that's a lie. We do not want any animals as pets period. Not even that cute donkey. The reason being that we already have our hands full managing our lives and the kids'. The last thing we want to do is to manage a pet. Maybe when they are a little older and will not cringe at cleaning up after them, perhaps...we may consider. Consider. 

At the moment, pets are a no no. Besides, we do not have a large compound for them to run around anyway. I really pity dogs that are cooped up in a terrace house or worst, an apartment the whole day. They need space to roam free and it will be unfair to have them, yet not give them the kind of "pet-life
 that they deserve. Just like kids. People want to have kids but don't know how to treat them. Why have kids right? Some dogs have better life than those kids. 

Anyway, back to Ash and her cat. I have no doubt she will treat her cat well if she has one because she is a very loving and caring girl. Also, I will update this post with a picture later on what she has done to her little stuffed toy cat (bought from Princess Shop for RM5.99!). She will be great with animals. Mini, on the other hand, is still afraid of cats and dogs and anything that moves. So much for Ms. Chilli Padi O_o

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