Friday, August 24, 2012

The Bag Story

Let me just tell you right this moment that it's not a completely long and complicated story. I am not exactly a storyteller. I tell it as it is. And, the story is : I have a bag that is too big!

I have this this overnight-er bag that I love. I bought it when I went holidaying to Australia last year. It's a fantastic overnight-er bag. It does it's job well. Big and you can stuff in lots. But, I may have made the purchase on an impulse. When I saw it, I totally fell in love with it. Plus, the salesperson did a really good job at convincing me how great the bag was. I totally fell for it. SHe probably got a big commission out of it too. No, ok, the bag ain't that expensive but it's goodlooking?

Anyway, I am an impulsive shopper. But I am not a compulsive shopper. I do not need to shop ALL THE TIME. Just that when I do shop, I tend to get carried away. Even when the item cost alot and frivolous, I'd just get it. OK, costing alot for my standard la. I mean, I won't go out on a whim and buy a Ferrari which does cost ALOT (alot x100) and IS frivolous. know...random reasonable purchasable but a little cost more stuff. The case with said bag.

Besides, I thought the bag will be handy with me bringing all the baby (Mini was a baby then) things to playgroup and where ever. The bag was just the perfect mom-with-baby sized. Anything to just keep pushing the 'green' button.

WHen I came back, I found that it was a little too huge for a diaper bag. After getting all the baby stuff in, I still had room to shove the microwave in there if I wanted to. Sure, it will be good especially when I am out but honestly, will I have the strength to cart everything from China to Thailand? No.

So, the bag has been in the closet since. I also bought another more reasonable sized mommy bag after.

Now that Mini is no longer a baby and I usually have close to nothing in my bag except for a spare diaper, small packet of wet wipes and 1 set of spare change of clothes. That's all. Oh, and possibly a sanitizer. If she remembers, a random book. Plus, I don't go out that often. See my dilemma?

A mom with a bag issue. Surely there must be bigger issues like for reseller hosting to talk about. But, no, the only issue here is one that deals with my bag. I still love it, don't get me wrong. Just, need to find other ways to continue loving it that's all. 

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