Friday, August 10, 2012

Synchronized Swimming

My latest Olympics crave : Synchronized Swimming. I think that this sport is one (if not, the hardest) of the hardest sport to perform. I mean, the rules itself can kill you. You have to "dance" in the water, often times upside down. Your legs cannot touch the pool floor. You have to have to make the routine look flawless and effortless. In other words, even if you're tired, you cannot hold your legs. You have to open your eyes while under water without goggles. You need to have perfect coordination with your partner. I mean, the list goes on. It's no wonder there are NO men in this competition. YOu have men gymnasts but you don't have men doing synchronized swimming. 

I marvel at these girls. How do you even catch your breath with the mere seconds that you are actually allowed to stay above water? Besides, it's not as though you can catch your breath, take a break and all. YOu have to catch your breath while performing some ridiculous stunt like you see above. And what about those who remain under to propel those to the top? They will obviously have miss this chance to get some much needed oxygen into their lungs because the next step cues fairly quickly. 

So excited I am watching the event that I will pretend that I am a synchronized swimmer doing my routine. I lie flat on my couch, facing upwards. Then, I will hoist my butt up and try to mimic some synchronize moves with my legs. I try. Each time I do it, hubby looks at me like I'm some mental patient from the asylum. He probably thinks of sending me back there someday soon..

Anyway, tonight is the team event. My top 3 teams are the Russians, Spaniards and the Chinese. Technically the Chinese are pretty good; they just need to work on the artistic side cos they look very kaku and no inspiring moves ( I know!). But, wait...the artistic one is tonight. SO we shall see. But, if I may make a prediction : the Russians will win the gold hands down....yet again. They are simply too good!

My wish now is for the men to have a go at this event. Come on men! Show us some legs! heheh :-D.

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