Friday, August 10, 2012

The yearly check-up

I dread the time of the year. The pap smear is not my favourite term...ever. It's geli la. Hey, what am I talking about when I gave birth to 2 kids....naturally some more. hahha...gloat or just plain stewpig? 

When I think about people giving birth, the hospital, the medical carts..when I think about MY giving doc in space suit and construction helmet, the midwives, the nurses, the very cold room. And, oh the pain..the excruciating unbelievable wanting to poo-like/menstrual cramps (x100 times) pain. I don't know how I did it but I did. When you have to push, you just push the buggar out! 

My ObGy is an in-house hospital  doc so he doesn't have a clinic or shop elsewhere. To see him, I have to go to the hospital. Get my number, wait with other pregnant ladies. If he has to go up to the maternity ward mid-way, the wait will just stretch for another hour or so. If he's at the operation room, the wait could mean forever. Oh the waiting. It's the wait that gets to me. 

Oh must do what one should do. 

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