Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ballet should be an Olympic sporting event

The only way to get the girls remotely interested in the Olympics is if Ballet was in it. I mean, gymnastics comes a close 2nd and Ash has some inclination of what gym is since she does it in school. Still, I believe, ballet will completely seal the deal.

We already have girls in leo's and tights; we just need to add a tu-tu to complete the look. I mean, why not? The girls' look absolutely gorgeous! It might even get the girls excited about the Olympics. Excited enough to want to compete in one far into the future.

OK. How about this look : pink neon leo, pink tights and topped off with a cool Arnette? Huuh? What did I tell you? Cool? Alright..hubby's shooting me his dagger stare once again. I will quit fighting like a 3-year old with the girls over the silly tv...I will quit fighting...I will...  

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