Monday, May 25, 2009

The big 80

Recently, while I was stuck at home, my parents and siblings went for a dinner party to celebrate my grand-aunt's 80th birthday.

Wow. 80 years old. She has lived a long and meaningful life. I hope she will continue to live the life she's having right now. I remember my grandma telling me that, if you live to even watch your grandchildren grow up, you are considered very "hang fook". I think my grand-aunt is one such individual.

At the dinner, my mom met all her cousins, second cousins and etc...whom she's not met for quite a long time. It was a gathering of sorts. And she found out that 2 of her cousins are homeschooling their kids. It's getting pretty popular isn't it, this homeschooling business. Almost like a trend. One of them, their 2 boys have already grown up while the other, well, the kids (and parents) still have a long way to go.

I don't think hubby and I are convinced of the homeschooling method of educating our kids. Heck, I think I will crumble and just fall apart. Or end up in the looney-bin faster than I thought if I have to be stuck at home 24-7. Nay, it's not for us. Besides, what would I tell them about colon cleanse if the kids ask? Furthermore, I am already making plans for a far-away boarding school as we speak.

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