Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a baby girl is born

After 12 hours of labour, my friend finally popped. I tell you, it's raining girls again this year. I remembered when Ash was born, that year, many also had their baby girls. Well, personally I didn't know all of them; the happy news were related to me. The ones I knew were 4 girls at the time.

Anyway, happy news for my friend. And, happy news for the insurers too because I'm sure the new parents will be looking for term life insurance quotes for their daughter. Maybe not immediately because they'll need to settle down, go through the confinement, then the full-moon...once the dust settles, that's when they'll start thinking of the nitty gritty. It's natural because having our kids insured gives us a little peace of mind when it comes to security and protection...for the future...for any eventualities **knock on wood**.

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