Thursday, November 4, 2010

are you ready for Christmas?

How time flies!! It's already November and then, soon, it'll be December and then, it's Christmas time. Soon, another year just goes and we'll be celebrating new year's.

Have you figured what you're gonna get for your kids, family, friends, friends' kids'...etc..We don't celebrate Christmas on a big scale but since my sister does, she decks up my mom's home with all sorts of Christmas decor. My mom still puts up her Christmas tree from the 1970s. You should see some of the ornaments -- they are like so retro!! Some are missing though; not to mention broken. But, we still have the tree hehehe..

Anyway, I still look forward to Christmas. I know Ash is since she's been asking us to get her a Christmas tree. Since her request fell on deaf ears, she asked us if we could decorate the lime tree in our mini backyard instead **slaps forehead**. We won'd be getting her one for sure. We will however, buy her presents and head over to my mom's house instead. I will of course get myself a present too -- the best best acne serum that money can buy.

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