Thursday, November 4, 2010

at play


Mini'll turn 18 months in a couple of days. 18 months!! She used to be so tiny when she came out from me. Even tiny-er than Ash. But, a lot more feisty too. Must be the 2nd child syndrome.

People tell me that this is the fun age. I don't know -- it might be fun for her but definitely a lot more tiring for me. She's cute when she runs, like a little duckling. She can say out loud a couple of words..but, none of them are mama or daddy. She's also polite. I know that because she'll say 'kam' (welcome) whenever you say "thank you" to her when she gives or passes you something. She only needs her pacifier and her bolsters to fall asleep. Shes still so tiny and soft. I just love cuddling her..and hubby adores her. Who can blame her for being so irresistible? SHe's our youngest!

Yeah, she's definitely at a fun age. Perhaps, not so "fun" in the parent's physical department because we still need to watch over her. Who knows what might happen when we turn our backs? It's tiring definitely but have no regrets because they grow up so fast and once that phase is over, it is gone forever. So, I tell myself to enjoy every moment even though, you know, on certain days, I honestly don't feel like all. I just want to curl up in bed and have a nice uninterrupted snooze. Oh how I miss them...the snooze.

Anyway, she'll be due for her final vaccination soon. Her next will be when she turns 6. Apart from that, our agent been bugging us on this new insurance plan for her that he's brought to our attention. We haven't looked at it exactly but I think we may need to cos he'll call real soon. Can't these coverage get any cheaper? I mean, what ever happened to cheap life insurance? I always thought premiums for children are way cheaper than for adults. But, I tell ya, it doesn't look that way to me..**scratches head**.

You know, I do look forward to the day when her whole personality explodes..full blown..for all the world to see -- just like Ash's right now. I can't wait to have a conversation with her..I can't wait. She'll probably be a real chatterbox, you reckon? Too early to tell -- we'll just have to wait...and see.


Cynthia said...

Hmm..i think they are cuter when they make grunts to tell you what they want. Conversations are great but when they start to TALK BACK that's when its a killer!...enjoy the journey now!

Ann said...

Even sweeter maybe would be your 2 angels playing together. Oh...I can imagine your joy having 2 girls on each side playing dress up with u or just cuddling watching TV.


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