Wednesday, November 3, 2010

snow and christmas tree

We've been summoned to get a christmas tree and err..somehow get some snow too for Ash. She sure knows how to ask for the impossible, doesn't she? It's the dreaded tv I tell you. Oh, and not forgetting the beach...she wants to go to the beach but we always tell her it's too far...I don't think she understands what 'too far' means but at least, too far managed to stop her from asking much these days. If not, we'll be hearing "beach beach beach"...all day and night.

If you ask me, and if I had the choice, I will want to spend Christmas in Swiss. I did have the best of time there last year though it wasn't during winter. You know, it will definitely be the most interesting Christmas ever if that happened. Not only for me, but the girls too. I get to dress the girls up in pretty little winter jackets and boots; chic cashmere sweaters for me. Did you know they are the trend these days? Again, people in the West are just so so lucky they get to dress up and wear pretty.

Anyway, I am, as usual, day dreaming and maybe if Ash wants it bad enough, we might just head down to Sunway Pyramid. They have a skating ring there don't they? She won't be able to tell the difference -- I'll just tell her it's 'special snow'...:-).

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