Saturday, December 11, 2010

i saw the dino move...

This has been a very short work week indeed. We accomplished quite a fair bit this week notwithstanding hubby being extremely busy.

Lets see -- I got the wardrobe cleaned out, sorted through all the clothes to be given away. I also gotten my stash of old handbags sorted and keeping only the ones that I love. Found my XO sauce at Bangsar Village. I tell you, of all's got to be there. I scoured all the major hypermarket and none had it. We also visited the national science center. They were having some dino exhibition going on, and even though Ash is a little too young to learn anything from there but she still had fun with the kids. Managed to complete Round 1 of my Christmas shopping. You know, the next 2 weeks will be even quieter what with everyone going away and all.

We still haven't found the ultimate Xmas tree. I know, I's awfully late. I have a very strong feeling we will end up not getting it anyway..hmm..we shall see.

Anyway, I wonder what my dear hubby's getting me this Christmas. I know, I sound awfully mean don't I? - to always think of a present for me and none for hubby...hehhe..I have got to write it down don't know, in case he reads this so he'll be reminded without me reminding him. Just as long as he doesn't get me one of those pedestal sinks, I'll be fine.

The weekend is here and we will have yet another busy 2 days. Lets hope they are productive. You guys have fun, ya' hear!!


Eu San said...

Hope the tree works even tho it's a hand me down!

Shireen Loh said...

It's ok..I'm grateful I have one in the first place..Thanks very muchie!!

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