Tuesday, December 7, 2010

questions of the universe

the many 'whys'.

Sometimes, I am just so stumped.

Like when she asked me why I used my hand (fingers) to eat my prawns and not the fork. Or when she asked me, why I'm only using my fork and where is my spoon? (I was having my prawn spaghetti).

The questions, the whys -- they seem simple enough to answer...but, my problem is, after you answer, there comes another question. Am I the only mom experiencing this? I do appreciate my daughter being intuitive and curious and want to know..but..don't you think it's getting rather annoying?

You know, I am almost glad..no, actually, I am VERY glad she hasn't asked me anything complicated because if she were to start asking me about polaris rzr accessories, I would bolt!! RUn. as fast as I can. And let the father handle those toughies. Don't you know already? - I am such a whoozzz..O_O

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Cynthia said...

Yes I get asked ALL SORTS of things. Why? Why? Why?...OMG. When I have the patience I ensure that I answer appropriately, or to the extent of what a 3 year old is capable of understanding! When I'm driven to insane levels, I just scoff JUST BECAUSE! AAAAArgh....(now please leave me alone!) hahahaha...

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