Thursday, December 2, 2010


Ash is 3 years, and...well, she's 3 years going on 4. And changing every single day. She's picked up good habits, and of course, bad ones too. I don't know - I mean, how can anything be bad for a 3 year old? It's probably bad because we adults deem them/it to be bad, but to them, they are all good.

Anyway, she's been acting up again in the mornings. She would cry and cry when her father goes to work and will insist on him changing his work clothes back to his pjs. And, she would cry and cry again until he is out of sight. Then, she comes to me sobbing and she'd say "Ashley girl so sad...Ashley girl cry...". Then, I'd have to pacify the sobbing little child. Yeah, the things we moms have to do.

She used to cry a lot in the mornings when hubby went to work. This happened when she was...oh, i don't know, when she was 2? 2++? Then, she stopped crying or wanting her father home. Now, she started acting up again.

So, this morning, hubby got up early, went to her room to check on her and was surprised to find her awake but just lying in her bed. He took her downstairs, had a nice quiet father and daughter moment (quiet because this mommy and Mini was still sleeping). I think she enjoyed her 1-on-1 time with her dad. Something she's been missing since Mini came about. Plus, hubby's been really extremely busy lately with work that he's not been with the kids as much.

That mere 10 or 15 minutes apparently did wonders because she happily saw him off to work this morning. She said goodbye and when she saw me, she told me with a smile "Daddy go (to) worp". The thing is, hubby doesn't get to spend much time with them in the evenings. By the time he gets home, it's dinner, feed Ash if she's been slow with her food, wash the girls up, and then, it's time for bed. Hardly any quality time with the girls and they are feeling it too.

Seeing as how we have found a solution to Ash's crying problem, and there's no longer a need for me to search for said solution from a website directory, hubby has decided to wake up earlier to have breakfast with Ash. I can tell you this'll definitely save me lots of time without having to pacify the little one..hehehe..

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Ann said... sweet to see Ashley loving her time with daddy. Good of daddy to put in the time with her. :)

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