Monday, November 1, 2010


Ash will be what? 4 next year? So, I think, it's quite safe at this age to surmise her strengths and sort of gauge what she'll be good at doing when she grows up.

The more I look at her, she can be a typical accountant. She's orderly, loves putting things in order and categories. She loves to complete her puzzles. Plus, she's got a little OCD in her. No, I'm not saying that accountants exhibit OCD tendencies (but trust me, the majority of them kinda do) but you know, they are terribly meticulous and extremely attentive to details. One less zero and they will pounce on you. And, you need to put things in exactly the way it's supposed to. So..I don't know. I have 2 sisters who are accountants and sister in laws who are accountants. The accounting genes can't run very far.

It's alright if she decides to make accounting her future career. Did you know that there is a serious shortage of accountants and accounting jobs are aplenty? Every business (small or large), needs an accountant. If Ash isn't fussy, there will always be job opportunities for her so long as she works hard, grab any opportunity she can and who knows...the sky's the limit.

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Cynthia said...

Hey hey! I beg to differ! My hubby is an accountant (calls himself a bean counter) and he is the least OCD person I know!! He is so "cincai" its not funny! He's decided that if any of the kids want to study accounting in uni, he'd really drill it in them to NOT! haha!!...

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