Tuesday, December 14, 2010

let your blog do the earning

If you have a blog or own a blog, chances are you will be itching to get it monetized. Some have done so with their blogs but some prefer to keep their blog free from advertisements, paid reviews and all that jazz. Some will want to maximize their time on the internet by earning some extra cash (if you already have a full-time job) with their blog. I mean, why waste precious minutes with your blog and not get paid for it. Even peanuts cost money.

I am definitely not expert but if you dwell deep enough on how people actually make their blog earn them cash, you'll find words such as 'SEO', 'ranking', 'directory submit', 'text-links', 'content advertising' etc...Just some words that are associated with blogs that earn money. How do they link up? - HOnestly, I don't know because as you see, I don't monetize my blog as heavily as others. This is more of a personal blog. I don't even have ads on the side-bar.

If you want to do some heavy-duty blog monetization, I would suggest you go seek advise from seasoned gurus or google for tips. There are plenty out there but just make sure you go look for them at the right places...

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