Thursday, October 14, 2010

a leftie

Ash is predominantly a leftie. I say this because she can use her right hand pretty well too. But, she's most comfortable and in control with her left. Is she ambidextrous? I have no yet.

I've always known she's left-handed. I remember quite vividly of her at about 2 months, always lifting up her left arm, her fingers rolled up in a fist-like position and she would stare at it for a long long time. SHe seemed so fascinated with her left arm (and fist). It was always her left. Call it mother's instinct or what, I had the hunch but you know, was very open to the possibility that she would change since neither me nor my hubby is left-handed.

My instincts proved me right yet again 3 and a half years later as she's writing with her left. In general, she uses her left more; including when she holds a scissors. I never really thought it would pose a problem to us with her being a lefty until I tried guiding her hand in an attempt to show her how to write properly. I tried using my left hand so it would seem more natural to her but I tell you, it was horrifying. There I was, trying to make sure she does it properly but instead, made it look worst. I had the will but simply couldn't execute. I gave up. I told her to learn to write herself, following the lines. She tries. Sometimes, she makes it, sometimes she doesn't.

Then, I read an article in the local daily about dealing with a lefty child, the challenges they face and I thought "wow, how timely the article came to being!". I was glad someone chose to write about it. It didn't even occur to me how something so ordinary such as a pair of scissors are made for righties. And oh, you can actually purchase specially made items for lefties too. Things like these are very informative. Not that it matters, but would compression stockings information contain any instructions for lefties? I'm just asking :-)


mott said...

lol.. my sons are lefties too!! Even playing tennis is different! And I tried so hard to teach them to eat with chopsticks..but my lefthand FAIL!


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Hey hey, Bryan is a leftie too!! Lefties are supposed to be more creative and more intelligent, some says. My 2nd bro is a leftie and by far, he did better in school than my older bro and I.

mommy to chumsy said...

oooo...lefties are very creative ppl. my 2 brother-in-laws are lefties and they are very good in arts :)

Cynthia said...

Kaitlin started off being a leftie too!...but we kept encouraging her to use her right hand and believe it or not, she's using it now to write/draw. Still chooses to use her left to pick food or eat..weird.

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