Thursday, October 14, 2010

dressing up

The pink bag

The other day, I was talking to a mom at Ash's playgroup and she casually mentioned how I should 'dress' Ash up. You know, with pretty clothes, hair accessories...the works. Her saying that was in response to me telling her the backpack Ash was carrying, was a gift from my sister. I told her I don't usually buy her stuffs like that. So, that's when she went off and advised me that I should.

Yeah..well, you know, I'm not that kind of a person. I am the kind who'd rather sleep in than to go to the gym for a work-out (assuming I have time in the first place). Or get on the wii or spend hours at the shopping mall. When I look at all the shops, the varieties of things one can possibly buy, I get overwhelmed. I don't even know what goes with what. Sure..I do have my favorite shops but that's it, I don't do the whole mall thing. I guess I am not as hardworking as I should be for me.

So, with my kids, I tend to be pretty laid-back with them as well. With lil Em, she'll let me put on whatever I want except for the hair. But, Ash, I usually let her dictate what she wants to wear. That includes getting them at the stores (if we went shopping). It's a rarity for me that she likes whatever I pick out for her. She has her own likes. Besides, they get all sorts of clothes as birthday gifts and whatnots. Why waste a perfectly good top even if it's from Jusco or Tesco? If she has no issues with it, I don't have any issues with it.

And...what's the point? The point is...I am a terribly lazy mom.


choong said...

Hi, now I have time to leave comment :)
err... thinking that I've a baby girl now, ok, not so baby liao, but I don't intend to dress her up, did the mom share with you, why you should dress Ash up?
cos, well... my stand is, I don't intend to raise my girl in a manner that, she's too much into her look, I'd rather her build up her "inner" beauty first,
same as when she goes to school, I'd rather her paying attention to people, to the work, and etc. than how she looks like that day,
saying that, I'm not saying I'll leave my girl sloppy-looking, as long as she's tidy, and clean, I guess, that's good enough,
well, I don't want to raise a future beauty-queen, that's my point, and I don't want her to grow up as a girl, who's so materialistic, in getting all the branded stuff... well, nothing wrong with that, if that's one choice, but in my opinion, there're more things in life one can pursue, which is what I'll wish her to be able to see, when she grows up,
hehe, if you consider that as lazy, then, I'm no.1 lazy...
and I do intend to let my girl, eventually, to pick her own clothes, even to pack her own bags, when we go travel :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

As long as she is neat and clean, it doesn't really matter lah. They will get vain in their own time and space.

mott said...

whoa... what's up with that playgroup mama? She dissin' Ash's style?

Shireen Loh said...

Choong : No, she didn't share with me. But i guess, it was more like I have a daughter and she has a son and probably figured that if she had a daughter herself, she would dress her up. But, yes, I do agree with you 100% on not bringing up a materialistic girl, or someone who concentrates too much on looking good. It's not a bad thing to want to look good but maybe when they are older i.e when I no longer need to feed them? heheh..

PL : ditto!

Mott : No la. she wasn't trying to diss her. or was she? If she was, it won't make a difference cos Ash is at the stage where she honestly couldn't care less. If she wants it, she wants it. No one can change her mind.

Ann said...

errr...well...I never used to dress my son up too. Or bought him any fanciful stuff. He got alot of gifts and 2nd hand clothes. So, no reason for me to get.

For my girl...well...grandparents cant help buying so I just use what they get. Reckon comfort rules over being pretty no?

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