Tuesday, October 12, 2010

birthday present

I had wanted to post up a rant so bad last night. Was literally hopping mad. I wanted to bold the names, wanted to litter my complaint with profanities, write to the press. But..all is calm now. I had to remind myself that this is boleh-land, therefore, such things do (and will) happen.

Anyway, onward to more "exciting" news. My birthday is coming up..this month..but I am not saying when..heheh..And, guess what I got as an early birthday present?

-a vacuum cleaner-

Yes..go on, shake thy heads. I am as dumbfounded as you are. But, I am not the least bit angry because, I've wanted it for a long time since our ancient 20++ year old vacuum is about to giveaway and even though I have the part-timers come in to do the cleaning, I still wanted that vacuum. And if you're wondering why it came early..well, cos it was on discount..heheh :-P.

You know, I am seriously turning into a hardcore housewife. I take pride in my cleaning tools. I am more happy with a household appliance than with..say, a diamond ring?!!

That's it. After 4++ years of domestication, I have officially (and safely) landed over to the 'dark' side.


mott said...

what "dark" side?

There is a "dark" side? How come I have no knowledge of this?

LOL... say, is it a karcher? IS IT? IS IT???

I've always dreamt of owning one.. kakakakaakakakakak..

sigh...sad, is the life of a housewife.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Please don';t tell me that your hubs offered you a diamond ring and you said, "It's ok darling, get me that vacuum cleaner instead"!!!! I'll come kick you in the a&&!

Cynthia said...

so long as its a robovac!!! that's what i got for my b'day, mothers' day and christmas!..mind you i don't get the satisfaction as much with my proper vac, a german darth vader one. slap me silly, i love vacumming!!!

Ann said...

LOL...well...I wouldnt mind a great hepa filter vacumm cleaner myself. Maybe I will get one for hubby's bday.


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