Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a 3rd child?

This morning, I went to visit a friend who has just given birth. Actually, just about 3 weeks ago. She looked so happy, calm and all together. Can't say the same for me when I was in her position a year and a half ago. I had to battle depression from even before lil EM was born. Strange eh but I did or should I say, I think I did.

Whilst there, we were fed with the most scrumptious dish ever made by her aunt. A Hockchiew delicacy which was simply delish. Or, it could be because I have not tasted it before and without shame, I took on seconds (and thirds).

Questions such as having another child will pop up inevitably especially when visiting moms and their newborns, and some of us, are planning for a 3rd or 2nd. WHen they looked at me, I went " way". As complete as it may sound to have a son, I don't think we want to go through another bout of depression. Existingly, we have 2 kids, more than many people would yearn for and when you're thinking about expanding your family, it's no longer just your needs that matter -- it's theirs also. This is what we feel anyway.

Now that I'm feeling a whole lot better compared to the first couple of months lil Em was born, I'm getting my ol' self back. Not entirely but I'm getting there. It's been quite a rough couple of months then. I may not have described it in detail in this blog because...honestly, I don't know what to say about it except that it's not the most wonderful feeling in the world; not even one that you'll wish for your worst enemy. It's not only about how you feel but more of, how your reaction to those feeling affect the people around you.

So, no more pregnancy, no more morning sickness, no more.... Although, I have to say that when you hold a newborn in your arms, the urge is there. But, it does feel good to be able to hand the baby back to the mom once you're done cuddling..heheheh..


Mummy to QiQi said...

i like to have many many grandchildren coming home to me in my golden years. hence, having more babies now (also suffering mentally and financially) is the only way out now to achieve my dream. Si beh gila me right, hahaha!!!

mom2ashleyaidan said...

sorry you had a rough time!
For me, same here..2 is enough - for now. As much as I love's always nice to hand them over to their parents when they poop or cry. hehehheh

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