Friday, October 22, 2010

ancient cave writing

The cave would be my home.

The writing can only be deciphered by lil Ash.

You know, if you've been inside my house, you'll know that I have done very little to my home in that, there's virtually zero renovation except for certain fixtures and fittings that was necessary. I didn't even paint over the walls of my house. So, perhaps my kids thought they are living in a boring home, with little or no decor at all and they'd do me that tiny little favor -- by sprucing up the walls with their writings/drawings. Maybe they figured that to have natural art is always 10 times better than getting a Van Gogh or Rembrandt. Who knows? Ash might actually grow up to be a very famous artist and I'll have her very first painting right here on my dining room wall.

If they had wanted to get me an early birthday present or even a Christmas present, I have plenty on my wishlist. They can always get me acne cream for instance since it's close to that time of the month. Certainly, having wall decor by a 3 yo and 17 month old is not on the list.

Seriously, I may have to add a new Christmas project to my list and that is to re-paint the house or at least some of the walls. Now, I think I have to go assign a wall that they can draw or write on and get them washable ink pens or something. Because, no point reprimanding or telling them not to do it, they'll do it anyway. They are, or more accurately for Ash, at the age to explore and the more you stop them, the more they want to do it. So, better just let them cos soon, they'll get bored and move on to something else..


Cynthia said...

Oh noooooooooooo!!! what did they draw with? I sure hope it was with crayola and it washed off! I have a g'friend who's girls crayola-ed all over their BEDROOM walls and WHITE sheets whilst she was out (hubby was SUPPOSED to be watching them!). She was SOOO mad she could also kill them. Not kill kill but you know what I mean. Thank goodness they used Crayola. Because it scrubbed off, and the stuff on the sheets just came off in the wash. So moral of the story is - USE CRAYOLA ONLY.

Shireen Loh said...

Cyn - haha..well. I didn't kill them. YOu should see the walls at my MIL's place!! We have the walls of 2 houses to paint. They used pens, markers, etc...none of them were Crayolas..we don't have them, that's why..:-). We knew it had to happen so, we'll just allow it. Besides, gives us a reason to give the place a new coat of paint **grins**

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Actually, it's kind of nice to have the kids leave their "prints" all over the house. Makes it a bit more homey :)

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