Thursday, December 30, 2010

Twas' the night of Xmas Day..

Traditionally, Christmas dinners are often had on the eve. That's when everyone get together and eat and be merry and then the kids'll leave milk and cookies for Santa to thank him for coming down the Chimney (no Chimney here so...down from the roof?) to place their gifts under the Christmas tree when everyone has gone to bed. Daunting and dangerous task for ol' Santa isn't it?


Well..that is tradition. But...we, we broke tradition this year. We had our dinner on Christmas night itself heheh..We don't officially celebrate Christmas as you would've gathered from my previous postings; this is just to fulfill one of Ash's wish. We've done all and am delighted to ell you that she's indeed a happy camper. She has not asked for "snow", "beach" or "Christmas tree" since. It's as if everything that she's ever wanted in her life, she's gotten them and is now a very contented child - NOT!!! hehehe...while yes, it's true she hasn't repetitively asked for those 3 things but she's been asking for other things. We've been doing a pretty darn good job at persuading her not to get those "other things" thus far. How much longer can we hold up? - I don't know but so good.


OK..back to our dinner. So, we had my family over and PIL. We are all small eaters so lucky me I didn't have to cook much. My mom made the fried mee-hoon and MIL bought satay. We had to have a little fusion to our menu that night because we're talking about 2 of them folks above the ages of 75, another 2 above the ages of 65 -- they seriously needed some familiar tastes. The roast turkey became roast chicken instead because, when my sis found out that San Francisco were selling them at RM200++...we shoved the idea down the drain. Oh..I wasn't about to roast the bird all by myself, are you nuts?


It was great fun in the end. Even my Dad participated in the gift giving and receiving. If you knew my Dad, he's hardly a sporting lad. But, I guess one really do mellow with age and will do anything for their grandchild(ren). Everyone had presents. I, of course, made Ash give away presents as well. I bought them all books...hehehe.


I have a feeling this may be a yearly affair from now on. When I am brave enough in later years, we will even have more people over and do the whole turkey thing. I don't know -- I haven't thought about it much. I am simply glad that everything went well that night and we all had a good time. Now, here's hoping for more family Christmas dinners together..


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Hey, I didn't notice the "MINI"! How cute is that??!

mott said...

Hee hee..'Mini'...

Food looks good woman!!! Doesn't matter how the food was cooked, most importantly was that everyone enjoyed themselves!

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