Thursday, December 30, 2010

the next chapter

The next chapter for us, mommy and daughters, will be a challenging one. I'm not sure how it will pan out but as usual, am keeping an open mind and live each day as it comes. Easier said than done actually because I'm not one to go without planning...for anything. There..something I have to keep at learning.

As you know, Ash will be 4 next year. That invariably means she will need to be starting school. During my time, a couple of hundred years ago (heheh..), 4 year olds will still be lounging at home, jumping up and down the sofa and attempt all sorts of crazy stunts to stun their parents. You know...whatever. But, not kids these days; they have to be in school or need to be in school. One reason is because it gives SAHM's like me a couple of hours of break each day. Another reason is because kids these days are so much more alert, intuitive and active that they need challenges after challenges and amazingly, they are able to cope even when you think they couldn't...they will amaze you.

So, anyway, yes, Ash will be going to school next year. I've met the teacher last weekend and we liked her instantly. Ash was reserved as usual. Which is why I said in the opening of my post that next week will pose somewhat of a challenge to us both. For starters, I am bracing myself to having to go through the motion with Ash for a week or so.

And then, lil Em and I will begin our playgroup together which is what I am looking forward to really. As cliche as it may sound but I did enjoy the sessions with Ash the last time. It gave us plenty of time and freedom without interruption to interact. I didn't have the distraction of household chores, the computer, the cooking, the was just me and Ash for a good 45 mins each time. And, the rest of the day after that. With Lil Em, it will be similar but then I may have to break the routine a little bit when I pick Ash up from class. So, it may be less amount of time to spend with Lil Em compared to Ash but I am hoping to strike a deal with MIL for her to take Ash in after class during those days when I have the playgroup sessions with Em. And whilst concocting this plan in my head, I will have to be mindful of the fact that MIL isn't getting younger and with each passing year, her stamina and strength wont' be the such, Lil Em's exclusive time with me looks to be a whole lot shorter. I wish for more. Of course I do -- handling 2 is a handful! But seriously, I need that time with her. I feel I owe her that much. I need to be satisfied that I've honestly giving my time fully to her as I've done so with Ash in the first 2 years. Am I even making any sense here?

See what I mean about me thinking too much...over-thinking things? I suppose I will cross that bridge when I get to it and hope for the best in the process.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Don't think too much. Take it all in a stride!

LittleLamb said...

Dont worry. You will do well.
Happy New Year to you.


mott said...

I'm sure next year will be a good year for your girls. Experiencing school, for Ash, will see her grow up much faster. ENJOY!!!

Happy new year, Blur Mama!

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