Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Malaysia and her Ipad

So, finally, the Apple Inc Ipad has finally made their way to Malaysian soil.

What took them so long?

I remembered a friend was so disappointed when he found out that the local stores didn't have them a couple of months ago. So, if you had seen people at starbucks or at the airport, working on their Ipad, they probably got them from US or Singapore.

Anyway, I was telling hubby about it last night after dinner about it and if you wanted one now, it's available in RM. He asked me how damaging is it to the purse if one got one and I told him, it's RM1.5K++. He looked at me like "Oh!! That's cheap...I thought it's like a RM5K or RM6 thing".

No, I'm not getting one nor do I own one. It's just that...I thought I'd let you in on a typical boring conversation we have when we're having our dinner or when the girls are in bed. I mean, we have come to a point where we end up watching CSI or Hawaii FIVE-O, or whatever hubby gets from the DVD shop. Then, we're off to bed. In between, he'll be on his lappie and I'll be on mine...scouring the net for acne treatments an example. Then, we'll fall asleep on the couch because we're so exhausted from cleaning up after the "storm" (the living-room always looks like a tornado came by for a visit). Then, we'll get up only to find that we've missed half the show...seriously, and truly...routine and boring.

So...what's your routine like with your hubby..after hours? hehhe...You can skip the intimacy bit...hehhe..


mott said... u r back.... mana pigi man! sudah lama... rindu u la!

routine? alamak..i work, he work. we work, and drink tea.

Shireen Loh said...

LOL!!! work is good Mott.

Cynthia said...

like that loh...we get intimate..right down and dirty as soon as the kids hit the bed!!!!...oh wait a said skip the intimate details. No routine. TV's on..he sits on the lap top, I sit on mine. Then we send each other off to bed.

Shireen Loh said...

LOL..I am sure u will (get down low and dirty) Cyn!! Sounds like us...not the dirty part. I am just too exhausted to even move a muscle by night-time.

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