Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a beach-y outing


When everyone was celebrating Deepavali 2 weeks back, we went to the beach instead. It wasn't planned as such but seeing as how it was a long weekend (it was a Friday I believe), hubby thought we should do something out of our usual with the girls. Besides, we want to fulfill Ash's 3 wishes as best we can (the "3" being an outing to the beach, find snow and buy a Christmas tree).

We weren't about to travel for hours to Phuket or Pangkor or Langkawi because hubby's work schedule is packed till the end of the year so he suggested we take a short drive to somewhere nearby. PD is a little too far out. We could've gone to Morib but...we didn't think of it. So, what did we do?? - end up in Sepang Gold Coast in Bagan Lalang. A relatively short 45 minutes drive from where we live.

We left after lunch and by the time we reached Bagan Lalang, it was close to 3 (we made a few pit-stops along the way to pee, reload Touch n Go and to the gas station). Ash was ecstatic when we finally reached our destination. SHe bounced up and down her seat and screamed "I see a beach...I see a beach...I see it...I see it...HURRAAYYYYY!!!". She'll make a good cheerleader when she grows up..hehhe..

You know, we were late (as usual) because all the shaded spots were filled up. By the looks of it, they weren't moving their butts anytime soon either. We just picked a random spot, with an old tree bark...just to sit on, or lean our bags against. This was such a last minute outing that we didn't even bring a mat. But, we managed.

The girls had a great time. We left around 6. Of course, it wasn't a smooth exit because Ash didn't want to leave. She kept shouting for us to "come back!!" when we left her behind. But, we just continued walking. She followed us, soon after..mumbling to herself. I had to wash Mini off because she was covered with sand, mud and God-knows what. She wasn't swimming in the water but just that, she sat down and the tide came in more and more as the hours went by and we had to keep retreating. SOmetimes, she got wet if we missed. In the end, she got soaked from waist down. Did I mention that the water is filthy? It is!! Dead fishes were being washed up as the tide came in. G-R-O-S-S!!! It was...very very gross..You can imagine why I had to give Mini a quick shower before leaving.

By the time we got home, it was past 7.30pm. Even though, it was late, we cleaned the girls up from head to toe. Scrubbed every nail, wash every strand of hair..ok, I am exaggerating! But, we still gave them a good wash. We gobbled up our dinner and scoot the girls off to bed.

All in all, it was a pretty fruitful outing. Ash got her wish granted. With Mini older now, she was able to sit and play along with hubby and Ash so that left me with ample opportunities to take photos. The last time we were there, it was during CNY when we brought BIL and family and with Mini being just 8 months then, she was fidgety and we had to take turns carrying her. This time, she happily played along. I was glad I managed to take some decent outdoor pics of the girls. That reminds me, I need to sort the photos out and take them to the printers. With everything digitalized, it's so easy these days to just leave everything in the computer and before you know it, you've accumulated thousand and thousands of photos and you'll end up having to sieve through everything again just to pick the ones for print. Wouldn't it be the greatest thing on earth if I had the professional epson printers so I don't have to run to the printers all the time? I can just hook it up to my lappie and print away. Do you reckon I'll get one for my birthday? hehehhe...:-).


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wah very rajin indeed!!!!

mommy to chumsy said...

oooooo.....what a fun day at the beach :) must go again since ash like it huh? Mini likes the water or not?

Ann said...

Oh...was reading to see if the beach was good....but the dead fishes really put me off.

The shot you took was great. Had a very 'old' feeling...yet somewhat still fresh.

Cynthia said...

Yes, I love the shot too! Yikes! dead fish. Did they go in the water at all? Beaches in M'sia just aren't what I remember them to be. I wouldn't even dip my feet in them now (on the west coast that is)...I heard the east coast is better?

Shireen Loh said...

Paik Ling : hehhe...hubby rajin la, i just sit and take pics only..gegegegeg..

Barb : yes, we will be going to a sea-side again soon. but, luckily, Ash has stopped asking cos once she's quite good - enough for her. We told her before that the beach is very far away and she realized that when we drove and drove and drove...heheh..

Ann : yes, it is totally yucks!! Don't even bother actually. I don't know why it's so popular with the peeps. Makes me cringe when I see some just dive in for a swim!! **goose bumps**..

Thanks for your compliments on the photo by the way..:-D.

Cyn : No, they didn't do any dipping into the water. Just stayed on shore. Besides, neither of us can swim so...too dangerous if they got swept away or something. I won't go in either la, it's so filthy and yucky. Hubby's really busy with work lately, so no trips out to east or west cost.

mom2ashleyaidan said...

sounds like a nice time by the beach. I love the photo you posted in this post.

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