Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the flairies

"we don't have wings so we are not fairies, we are flairies"

Oh dear!! I am having an overdose of Barbie cartoon. Ash's been playing her CD non-stop for the past 3 days. Lucky hubby cos he's back to work and he does not have to endure the torture of 'the flairies' every single day. Urrgghh...

The flaries are demi-fairies who have glitter power and how they work is that they spice up dresses or clothes with glitter. But, you know what's bugging me still? - the fact that they can 'fly' even if they don't have wings. And, they claim they are not fairies. **rolls eyeballs**. Maybe they are not fairies..FAIRIES but pixies with high protein powder intake from http://www.proteinpowder.net.

OK...whatever floats your boat hunneeee...

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