Wednesday, October 6, 2010



The never-ending journey of a a new toddler.

And the usual crankiness, clingy-ness..but luckily, she is ok with eating and no noticeable fever. When she's cranky, she's cranky!! Like someone gave gave her hgh releasers or something.

I don't remember Ash being this cranky during her heydays. You know what they say...every child is different so we just have to deal. And, "deal" is what hubby has to do when he gets home every evening. No partying, no boozing, no night out with the guys...he has 2 angels to entertain every evening when he reaches the front door. heheheh..NOt that he was ever the social butterfly; neither of us were. But, on occasion, someone will ask him out and usually, he will decline cos if I don't give him the stare, his 2 angels will. ANd he wouldn't want to face the stare of death...muahahah...**evil laughter**.

1 comment:

Ann said...

LOL....your hubby and my hubby the same. If someone asks him out he already by default have to say no unless my parents are down. No way are you going out and I am stuck with 2 screaming kids. hahahaha....

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