Thursday, October 7, 2010

she wants the big one!!

I always try to give the girls 2 serving of fruits a day. One in the morning, and one in the evening. Each time after their food. I try to. SOmetimes, I don't when I am lazy.

So, this morning, I cut up a huge pear for them. I cut smaller cube-sizes for Mini; after all, she only has 8 tooth so far. FOr Ash, it was the bigger julienne pieces in another bowl. When I finished, I brought out the bowls and proceeded to give Mini the one with the cubes.

Take a wild wild guess which one she actually preferred????

Yup, she gestured to me waving her hands side to side whilst telling me "". And, when i gave her the bigger bowl, she grabbed it with both hands and quickly ran away from her sister.

Quite a greedy lil fella this one, isn't it? and sneaky too. If she doesn't grow up to be anything, there's always a personal injury attorney Tucson to consider. I heard they make good money too.

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