Friday, November 19, 2010


"yucks" is what Ash calls her veggie or anything green. She's ok with carrot and that's it.

How I miss the days when I fed her porridge. I'd just dump at least 3 types of veggies with pork cubes and fish. You don't even have to add salt and it's tasty. She would wallop everything. Then, her eating habits started to change when she started having adult-type meals..rice and all. She started getting picky with her veggie. She used to be ok with broccoli and naturally, I was ok with that! Cauliflower was also another veggie that she enjoyed and will happily gobble up even if it tasted bland (cos this lazy mommy will just blanche them and eat with soy sauce as dip). All the hard veggies she took except for the soft and leafy ones.

Nowadays, she'll cover her mouth and run away whenever I come near with anything green or anything resembling veggies as if they were banned all natural diet pills or something. She hates them so much that she even told my sister not to give her the 'grass' part of my sister's birthday cake (my sister's birthday cake had 3 red beetles and some grassy parts). See what I have to deal with?? **sigh**

Anyway, lately, I managed to 'trick' Ash into eating her veggie is to cut the leafy greens into small and tiny pieces. That way, she'll eat with her rice and whatnots. But, this cannot be the solution, now can it? She still won't be getting sufficient greens because I cannot fill up her plate with lots of greens, she'll complain. I can only take like a few pieces and cut it up, and when you cut up into further tiny pieces, it looks too much.

Any suggestions, anyone? on how to get your child to eat her greens?


Cynthia said...

My kids would eat their 'greens' but NOT chinese poses a big problem since I LOVE my leafy vegs. How about cooking them in soup - that way the veggies are soft (I don't know why but my kids like theirs soft) and they get the goodness of the soup? (like you would do in the porridge..still so sweet)...i also add spinach or sneak in some veggies when i'm doing the quiche or lasagne..or add extra flavours with the broc or cauliflower (ie white sauce and bacon)..broccolli - butter!...good luck!! As a consolation - I used to HATE veggies when I was young, never had them but now...I can't live without them!

Shireen Loh said...

Thanks for the tip Cyn!! Ok, I will try them. **fingers crossed**

Ann said...

Put them in self made meat/fish balls? Or fry them like tempura? Or make vege balls?

Shireen Loh said...

ah..thanks for the tip really worked on the girls. Or rather, on Ash. The only problem is, I kinda don't want to do too much frying. Thanks again!!

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