Saturday, September 25, 2010

happy weekend

Usually, our weekends are not exactly 'packed' with activities but there are some activities in that we bring the girls (that will be lil Ash to be exact) out to where ever they want. It's their weekend; they are the ultimate decider. For Em, she's just happy to be out. I could bring her to watch people a chess competition and she wouldn't complain.

I like the weekend too simply because hubby takes over and you can say, I'm a 'free woman'. No cooking, no cleaning, nothing...OK, so maybe we do the laundry and fold the mountain pile of clothes sitting in my bedroom but other than that, the part-timers take care of most of the cleaning on thursday so save for the spot cleaning that we may have to do, the floors (and bathrooms) are squeaky! hehehe..

Weekdays really feel like a work week for me even though technically, I don't work. I'm really dreading the day when Ash goes to a real school - the everyday 9-12 thingy. I'm not sure how I will survive those days. **think happy thoughts** **think happy thoughts**.

Will not mess your weekend up. We shall all be happy happy since the weekend is here. So, have a great one you guys!


CH@@NG said...

hahaha, hands itchy, must write,
cos, while reading this entry of yours, i was thinking, "ooi? sounds like my schedule.." ^_^
especially the "pile of clothes" (while mine's sitting on one of the foot stool, against the wall, can rich up to 3 feet high, and they're semi-folded, cos, i don't want the creases to stay) and,
par-time also comes on thurday... ^_^
how i wish, to have a younger sis for my daughter though..

mommy to chumsy said...

happy weekend to you :) Hey, when Ash goes to school, you'll get 3 hours of bonding time with lil Em :) Ain't that nice?

Cynthia said...

ditto! Weekdays are like my "working" days too until hubby gets home..then relaxed sikit :) Hope you're enjoying your weekend! its a long weekend for us here in perth :) :) :)

Shireen Loh said...

Choong : are still young, can try for one more. Or are u already expecting? :-).

Barb : aiyo!! how my hair will fall out some more...aarrgghhhh!!!

Cyn : eh, no fair, no fair!! LOL..:-).

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