Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doc's appointment

I'm due for my yearly ObGy's appointment. I was supposed to have seen him in June and now, here we are in Sept and I still have yet to make that date. Along with my residence maintenance fees, I forgot about this one also. You know, I'm getting very forgetful lately. Either that or since I dread seeing doctors, I forget on purpose.

Whatever it is, I will need to see him soon. Yes my ObGy is a HE. "He" happens to be really good at what he does; may not be the smoothest of all men nor is he the most approachable because depending on his mood of the day, he can get seriously grouchy. But he delivered my babies the old fashion way - without anesthetics, without devices. WHen Ash wouldn't come out he persisted for 18 hours despite my water breaking and despite her losing air inside. Some may call him mad but well..gotta trust your doctor.

Another reason why I dread seeing him is the queue outside his office is always very long. And he'll only dedicate to seeing pregnant ladies on Saturdays. He has so many patients that at times, he'll go on without food or toilet breaks. ALso, because he's the hospital's in-house doctors, you can be waiting for hours and have him suddenly tell you he has to go up to the delivery suite. So, you'll be, like, there waiting for an additional hour on top of the 4 hours you've already been waiting. I've definitely learnt my lesson to at least bring a good book and have coffee at Starbucks after submitting my card to the nurse because I'll tell you, by the time you finish reading about cure for herpes from the scraps of brochures lying around at the waiting area outside his clinic, you'll be the ultimate expert. TRUST ME, you will!!

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