Friday, July 18, 2008

Something about Ashley

As there have been quite some political drama in the country lately, there are also some (drama) at home and the queen here is Ash.

Her sleeping is, what looks like, screwed (again) and I am absolutely clueless as to the cause of it. Ash goes to bed by 8 - 8:30pm. It has been her routine since she was about 6 months old. Of course, a routine is not a routine if it's not interrupted. Somewhere during the time when she was teething or close to teething, her sleep routine went bonkers. It took us a while to get her back on track, which we eventually did.

But lately, for the past few days, for some reason, she would go to bed at her usual time. No screaming, kicking or tantrum throwing. She would sleep for about half an hour and get up, screaming, kicking and throwing tantrum. I know it's not her fault cos she is really tired and I know, she wants to go to bed but just something's making her up. It's as though, that half hour is just a 'nap' for her and when she's ready for her deep sleep, she refuses and gets up. Naturally, crying when she's up cos she is already so exhausted from her day time activities.

Nothing changed. Not her bed nor her pillow. Nothing. The worst is, when its time for her to go back to bed, it's harder. She's not exactly the easiest person to pacify. The only thing that works is if we take her on a stroll in the car and drive around aimlessly for a good 15 minutes or so till she falls asleep in the car. By then, she's dead knackered and nothing would wake her. Not even the earth moving.

Just as I am frustrated cos it means, no more "ME" time at night, I am worried. I guess I will have to exhaust all avenues to eventually figure out what's bugging her. It could be that she's teething again but I doubt it cos she's been having this difficulty napping in the morning as well, which again, is her usual.I will just have to wait out on this one yet again...sigh..

It's Friday in the month of July. This can only mean one thing and one thing only - time to replace the curtains that's been hanging since CNY. Plenty to do today. Looking forward to the weekend. Take care all and have a great time.


mott said...

Sorry..can't help you there....

I normally leave my kids to sort it out themselves..(i.e, self-soothe). Even if there is heaps of crying!

Good luck!! I know how "me" time is very important!!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

I know what you mean.I hate when Eric gets out of his daily routine (what happens more often than I'd like to).
Maybe this is just a phase she's going through...
Hope you sort it out really soon.
Have a nice weekend.

Tammy said...

Aidan went through that phase too. Thankfully it didn't last too long.

wen said...

maybe if she sleeps later, then will be better? how abt sleeping 30 min or 45 min later than her usual hour and see how?

ryeli said...

i 4got how old ashley is now but i know it's a phase they go thru (depending on ur luck) coz i had that too with ryeli and still do at times. guess it's part of growing up as well and we as parents just have to tolerate it.

how i do it when the girl gets into those moods, just let her be coz no soothing will keep her calm and u'll end up with some bruises instead from that kicking and scratching. yes, let her be even if takes a long time. coz when they tire out, they will go back to sleep or tell u what they want like milk. when they actually soften down, then u can start soothing them. this is my experience anyway - also, whatever works out well for u.

motherhood - u jst gotta love it! ;)

Shireen Loh said...

Mott : Tried that but didn't work too well this time, the cries were different so...we'll let her be for now and wait it out..and you know what that means right? :-(

Sandra : I hope she sorts it out real quick...and I mean, lightning speed!!

Tam : You are certainly lucky. I hope mine don't last either. Otherwise, I might just ship out! LOL...

Wen : Hmm...sounds like a plan. Ok, me will try it out..thanks dear! :-)

Syn : Seems like its pretty much the same with most kids. No point in trying to do anything. Just makes her more agitated. Yep, I will just have to let her be till she is all settled or when she settles. Wen's got a pretty good tip too so I'll try it out and see how it goes. *fingers crossed*

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