Thursday, July 10, 2008

A baby girl for Jamie Lynn Spears

On the front page of OK! Magazine, you'd find Britney's lil' sister with her newborn baby girl, Maddie and a caption that says “Motherhood is the best feeling in the world”. Update : They even have a video interview with Jamie and you don't need a video card to view it.

Now, now, in case all you 16 year olds plan on a baby-making pact, DON'T bother! Take my word for it and you should, since I am qualified (in all aspects) to say it. Don't! Being a mother sucks! No, not sucks as in sucks but sucks as in “exhausting” sucks, “I-need-a-break” sucks, “I-can't-get-the-kids'-screams-out-of-my-head” sucks and most importantly, “why- am-I-still-size-10-when-I-used-to-be-size-4?” sucks.

So, unless you have a nanny, a chef, a butler, a personal assistant, a driver, a gardener, a fitness trainer, a pool boy, the honest truth is, motherhood isn't exactly the best feeling in the world all the time. Perhaps, only when they are asleep and all is quiet. Or when they actually do pick up after themselves. Otherwise, it's not all that. I know cos I don't have a maid like some of my counterparts do and although, I may be a little lucky in that my parents and PIL stays nearby, I go there for food. I only have to cook for lil Ash. But still, a lilttle one can seriously drive the most patient of all women up the wall sometimes. Believe me, its not all that glamorous as it's been made out to be.

Some quarters might argue that being pregnant at 16 is no big deal. Our grandmothers were probably mothers during their teens as well. During the times of our grandmother's or great-grandmother's people were somehow conditioned for something like that. Society were different then, women had very little choices and options. They only knew that getting married and caring for a family was the way to go. Through the years, that notion was quashed and women these days have more options in life. So, until and unless, you are sure and ready for motherhood at 16, motherhood can definitely wait a little longer.


CrazyKinux said...

As I've told my wife recently, we've never been so happy in our lives, and never been so exhausted!

Besides, there's so much more to do at 16 than being a parent.

Tammy said...

I definitely DO NOT think any 16 year old should become a parent. She's missing out a lot on life.

mott said...

ah...imagine, when she's only 32, her kid will be 16! In any case, do you really think she'll be the one taking care of her? Doubt it...a series of nannies and beloved grannies!

Shireen Loh said...

CK : You are so right!

Tammy : I totally agree, no matter how great it is being a parent.

Mott : are so one of a much like me..I was even thinking, if her kid has a kid at 16, imagine, being a grandma before you're 40??!!!

ryeli said...

totally agree with u! motherhood is not for everyone at a young age...hope she doesnt give the wrong impressions to all 16 years olds out there.

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