Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to 'earth'...momentarily

Ahhhh...what has the blogging world been up to? You know, being 'away' doesn't help blogging at all. In fact, it's even harder to kick-start your blogging activities. For instance, after just 2 sentence, I am already lost for words.

Anyway, just a quick re-cap. We all know what happened at Wimbledon, so I won't go there. A loss even I shed tears. OK, Ok...not going there.

Oh yes, Ashley started herself. We tried coaxing her to walk independently but she refused until recent weeks. Of course, she couldn't have picked a better time cos every time, I wanted to watch tv, she wants to walk up the stairs. So I had to stop and accompany her up. Once she's up, she refuses to come down and I am stuck upstairs until she is satisfied that everything on the table ends up on the floor. Which also explains why I am usually beat by 8pm.

A toddler son of my hubby's colleague had 2 bouts of seizures in the span of one month. He is about Ash's age or slightly older. Apparently, it was pretty severe that he ended up in the hospital for a couple of days especially after the second seizure. Now I heard that he is fine and back home. When my hubby told me this, I immediately said that the signs were very similar to signs of autism. I could be wrong. I mean, I am no doctor and I hope I am wrong. Just because I read a little about it a couple of months back doesn't make me an authority. The only thing I did was forwarded some links to hubby for his colleague. They are getting a second opinion of some sort and I really do hope that the kid is fine and the seizure was due to something else.

For someone who's lost for words, sure has a lot to say, doesn't she? LOL...OK, me shut up now. Besides, Ash's nap-time is about up and I have gotta wake her. Otherwise, momsie and popsie won't have the chance of getting low, down and dirty tonight...LOL...


Tina said...

haha shireen you dirty girl lol.
I Thought you wud be sad about the tennis. Hey you wud prob like my tennis game i reviewed on my other site. i can picture you playing tennis actually!

Tammy said...

ROFL Your last sentence made me laugh!!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

yay!!! bravo to ashley and welcome back!!

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