Wednesday, February 13, 2008


CNY hasn't ended yet but already, there is a mishap.

What you might ask? Well, there can only be one thing - MY PHOTOS ARE ALL GONE!!!

Last night, not only I had to endure snail pace connection, everything took forever to load, my photos disappeared from my digital camera. We have no idea what happened. We took it out, hubby re-played the lion dance bit and then when he wanted to scroll to the next photo, a message appeared as "Picture error". And we couldn't scroll any further as there were no photos found. We took a random picture of our sofa and that appeared but not the others.

Why am I upset? It was Ashley's first CNY, we had loads of her with her red packets, her at the dinner table during reunion, her with all her grandaunts and cousins, her at the beach front...arrgghhh...

I only have these few pictures which were taken with my mobile..

Lion dance at Pavillion

Acrobat at Pavillion

Ashley and her 2 aunts

Ashley with her Daddy

I didn't queue for the donuts...:-D


adrian said...

Quickly go to a photo shop. Your photos could still be in the memory card. Happened to me before.

One corrupted photo prevents the other photos from being displayed. Once that corrupted photo is removed, you'll be able to view the other photos. I hope this is the case with you.

Mummy to QiQi said... wasted. Adrian said, see if any experts can help u retrieve them from the card. Losing those precious captures is like loosing part of life for me, WAAAA!!!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Take Adrian's advice and do the check. Btw, Ashley got SO BIG ANG POW, mommy must be smiling ear to ear.

Constance Chan said...

wah i love the lion dance pic ler...

sting said...

hi.. came by after the intro by Elina :-)

sorry about the missing pictures, was the memory card almost full or you did not transfer photos for awhile? I experienced the same some time ago (the memory card was quite full then) and was told that we need to transfer from digital camera often.. not sure if this is true..

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hope the photo shop can recover all your photos :) the snaps you took with your mobile are good :D Ashley looked so cheeky with the angpows in her hands.

Shireen Loh said...

Adrian : Thanks for the tip. Haven't taken it to the "doctor's" though. Can only do so this weekend or tomolo, don't ask why :-P

Chin Nee : Yeah lor, so charm :-( will take to shop this weekend or tomolo

Immomsdaughter : Heheh...u noticed :-D. Actually, the PACKET is big not the CONTENTS :-P

Constance Chan : Thanks for visiting. I love the pic too :-D

Sting : Hi, thanks for visiting!! Yep, you are right, on both counts. Memory card nearly full and didn't transfer the photos :-(

Barb : Me hope so too :-( Heheh..yup, she's turning into a cheeky monkey -sigh-

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