Friday, February 15, 2008


Normally, "Oh Joy" would be what I exclaim as soon as I wake from my sleep on a Friday morning. But not today. My "Oh Joy" doesn't have that zest, that panache that usually comes with it.

I look forward to the weekends cos its my day off, the hubs has to do EVERYTHING. And he gets the privilege to be the driver, the cook (OK, not lately cos we have been pigging out at the in laws), the one who showers Ashley, the milk-man (mixes her milk for her), takes her out for walks in the morning (when he's up to it), does the laundry, does the folding of clean clothes. Does practically everything. This weekend, however, we will be out. And I will be tired. And all the unfinished chores will be left for me to do during the week. He escapes. He, the lucky duck.

So you see why I am not looking forward to this weekend? OH Joy, happy weekend people, lets make the best of it and hope yours will be a blast. All those who are still celebrating the CNY, happy celebrating..*smile*

Ashley at the park on the kiddy swing


JO-N said...

Don't worry, it's one weekend that you feel tired. There will be other weekends to come.

BTW, glad that you are now a contributor of BDMM. You are definitely capable to join hands with Elina.

Nap Warden said...

I know what you mean. I so look forward to the weekend, life is much easier when Husband has to help:)

Tammy said...

What sweet pictures of your little girl in the swing!

Tot's Mom said...

Never mind, give your husband a break. Next weekend, you can get him to do more!

sting said...

haha.. that's an incentive for taking the family out more often :-) anyway, have a great weekend too..

Helen said...

Wow, Ashley has grown! :-)

I do look forward to weekends too.. that's the time my hubby comes back to Ipoh. That is why nowadays I make it a point not to turn on my computer on weekends.. lol

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