Friday, February 1, 2008

A naive confession

It takes a lots of guts but nevertheless, I am willing to do it. Do what? You might ask. Confess that I was once a naive and unassuming girl. And pretty, gorgeous at the same time *tsk tsk*. And highly proud of blowing my own trumpet *tsk tsk again*..I was just joking. And many people don't get my joke.

OK, back to story as to why I was such a naive girl. You know how sometimes, in small firms or where small businesses are concerned, their fax number and general phone number is the same. Well, I used to think that in such offices, everyone share the same phone and there is only ONE phone for everyone to use!!! How naive was I? Very!! I suppose these days they would have better and uncomplicated small business phone systems at such offices.

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