Friday, February 1, 2008


On the contrary, I haven't been busy with CNY cos I have been procrastinating again. I'm allowed to since we plan on celebrating the new year with my PIL rather than at our own home. Seeing as how I lost touch with most of my blogging friends' blog for the past 2 weeks, I am here now checking them out as my daughter is spending the day with my PIL. Whenever the part-time maid comes, she will spend the day with them and I will go over with my hubby for dinner later. This arrangement sort of leaves me a little window to get some things done on my own - like blogging for instance.

I'm not sure why I don't particularly look forward to this coming new year. I looked forward to it last year cos Ashley was born soon after. Speaking of which, she will be celebrating her 1st birthday soon, next month. How time flies. Just the other day, when I was on my way to my mom's office, I passed by the Chinese primary school near Tropicana. The one opposite some apartments. I was stationary at the traffic lights. I was just looking out and observing the kids, their mom or dad or grandpa or maid. They were either walking (from the parked cars) their kids to school or walking their kids from school. It dawned upon me that I will have to do that in a couple of years time. OMG!!! I am so grown-up...Can I escape from this reality? Bah...guess not. Will just have to go through the motion.


JO-N said...

I'm going through all these now (the traffic jam and everything else).

ta66y said...'ll get the hang of things pretty fast!

Sweetiepie said...

It seems we can't escape all these!!luckily there isn't any traffic jam here.We walk to save us a lot of time.:)

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