Thursday, January 31, 2008

Car batteries

Remember my car batteries went flat on me the other day? OK, so the story goes like this i.e what happened at the petrol station when I couldn't re-start my car. The hubby dialed AAM for assistance. We were on our way to my PIL for dinner. And since we were already half-way to their house, we thought AAM should bring the new car batteries to PIL's place cos I wasn't too keen on waiting for them at the petrol station.

While at the petrol station, a kind gentleman was kind enough to help my jump-start my car by connecting some cables from his car batteries to mine. Once he did that, we thanked him and went on our way to PIL's place. However, AAM called and said they had run out of stock of new car batteries. We tried some car workshops around the area but seeing as how it was already 8pm, none were opened.

We finally arrived at PIL's place and we had our dinner first. After dinner, the hubs and my FIL tried to jump-start the car using the same method as the gentleman at the petrol station. It worked but only to get home since once we are home and switch the car engine off, we went straight back to square one. The next morning, the hubs went out to purchase one and fixed it before he went to work. You know, this seems like a lot of hassle to me.

I wonder if I were to get those rechargeable batteries for my car instead, will I have less of a problem? I mean, how will I know when my car batteries will fall flat again the next time? I could be stuck at some deserted highway or something *touch wood*.


Tammy said...

I'm glad you got your car fixed. It's horrible being stuck with out a vehicle.

mott said...

You'd have to change it every 18-24 months. So, best to label the date of when u bought ur new one. Coz, it ain't fun being with a dead battery, with a kid!!!!! Oh..the STRESS!!!!

Also, best to learn how to change. Hee hee hee...dun mix the +/- like I did, when I tried the first time...I almost electrocuted was damnnnn farneeee!!!

Tot's Mom said...

Hope you won't be caught again with a flat battery next time around!

adrian said...

Tell ur hub to go Eneos, 1U and buy those battery detectors that plug into ur car's cigarette lighter socket. Green means still strong, orange means weak liao, black means flat. When orange u know it's time to change ur battery. Better safe than sorry.

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