Sunday, February 24, 2008

Now that its over

What next? Post Valentine's that it. You know how these days Valentine's is just so commercialised that flower shops business everywhere boom during this time of the year. Its like a once in a year big profit or big money kind of thing. And some un-scrupulous business owners will make the most out of this demand period by hiking the prices of their flowers two or even three folds.

My neighbour was just telling us how his daughter, who owns a flower shop in the neighbourhood, couldn't even end the day on the eve of Valentine's(literally) as people were walking in asking for some last minute flower arrangements to be done. The entire family was roped in to help with the extra load of work. From being the truck driver to arranging the flowers.

As for me, I don't think I'd want my hubby to waste that kind of money. I'd rather him spending it on something else for me. Or better yet, give me cold hard cash...hahhaha...But it I'd have a pick, I wouldn't mind some mini calla lilies at all as oppose to conventional roses (red or pink). Maybe next year. Who knows, if I am a good wifey *wink*

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