Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have a bone to pick

Remember I LOST ALL MY PHOTOS from my digital camera. Looks like its really a gon-er. Unless the hubs decides to do something about it.

I went out this weekend to get some grocery shopping done. 2 weeks and we are almost out of food. We went to Cold Storage at Ikano cos its also at Ikano where we bought the Digital camera at one of the photo shop. Great regret that has been.

Anyways, after some serious shopping and I mean SERIOUS cos although the fridge isn't entirely empty but filled with mostly rotten food. Yeah, I know yucks!! So we decided to replenish almost the entire fridge and pantry. Plus, we decided we'd eat in tonight too. I will be cooking (yay!!).

That was Cold Storage. We had lunch after that at this pasta place just outside of Cold Storage. Can't re-call the exact name of the restaurant but it was this pasta place. Nearest and we were super hungry. We chomped down our food while Ashley had her milk. We finished everything in under 20 minutes. Then on the way to the car park, we stopped by the photo shop, hoping that I'd get my camera repaired so that I'd be able to post the photos up.

This is our first digital camera ever and we bought it last year, just before Ashley was born. I'm sure you can guess the reason for the camera by now. Don't know why but we still prefer the bulky conventional cameras. Just thought we should have one (the Digital one) handy. Thats why we are pretty blur when it comes to these things.

Anyways, we told the guy at the shop what the problem was and he said he wasn't able to help us. The reason he gave was that we had not brought the camera back immediately and that we had taken a photo after we encountered the problem (??). I don't understand it either but he is the expert. Then, another lady told us that they could check the memory stick for us. And if it is found to be “OK” we'd have to pay RM40 and this includes a CD burned for us (??). Again, me no comprehendo. Looks to me that these guys are out there soley for the $$$$ so we told them to “Stuff it”. Not exactly those words but a more polite “Its ok, thank you very much”.

And as we were doing all the talking and listening and explaining and nodding, Ashley entertained herself on her stroller, tore apart a piece of tissue she was holding and throwing the bits onto the floor. I didn't realise this until we bid them adieu and when I looked down “Yikes, place filled with torn bits and pieces of tissue paper”. But since, they so much as pissed me off, I decided to, you know “buat tak tau” (be ignorant) and just pushed her stroller out. We went home *evil grin*.


mott said...

Phew...lucky u didn't pay them any money. I'm sure u have some friends who r knowledgeable abt dig. cams?

The paying RM40 thing is actually a simple process..very simple. Shudn't cost RM40 at all! U can do it yourself!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Shireen, my less than one yr old digital camera again gone into hospital. Can understand what it is life without having pictures taken..*sob sob*

Tammy said...

I hope you are able to get it fixed. I love my camera and I don't know what I would do without it.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

that's the problem with most of the stores here. No after sales service :( btw, is that Fasta Pasta you went to? Yummy!! Boy, Ashley is such a good girl. She didn't put those tissues in her mouth :D Mine ate some when she was around Ashley's age...hehehhe

Kelly said...

Arg!!! i can understand ur frust! so is ok...

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