Sunday, February 24, 2008

A total revamp

We've doing some thinking and before the final move back to my in laws' place, we need to be doing some major renovations. One thing's for sure, we need to give the kitchen a face lift. No correction, not a face lift but a total reconstruction. I know what you may be thinking.

Why now? Why not before? Well, my MIL is pretty sentimental when it comes to her things. I can relate to that. She doesn't want to have things changed or moved about cos frankly, she has been cooking in that same kitchen for the past 30 years or so. Its "change" that people fear most. But we don't have a choice if we are all going to stay under the same roof. We need extra room space.

We need to renovate the kitchen to free up the existing dining room so that we could use that room as a study/computer room. And we will then use the existing study room for Ashley or our things such as cabinets, wardrobe. The rooms are pretty small apart from the master bedroom and we won't be occupying the master bedroom now would we? So, in order to create or give us more space to work with, we have to separate our 'closet' from our beds in separate rooms. Plus, Ashley doesn't come with only a diaper bag. She has her own cupboard now and we need to get a bigger one for her she is fast running out of space for that one. And her toys. She is beginning to accumulate these things.

Anyways, its all in the pipeline and when I have the chance or when things are more confirmed, I'd take a picture of the before and after shots just to show you just how much work we have to put in. At the moment, we still haven't received the "green-light" from my MIL yet but if I have any say in it, I'd want to change the kitchen sinks to Kohler sinks.

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