Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini says...

(One evening at the restaurant)

Mini : I had a bad dream yesterday

Me : Oh dear. What did you dream about?

Mini : My brain

Me : (??) Oh...what happened to your brain?

Mini : My brain...He ran away!

Me : *burst out laughing*

Mini : *the whats-so-funny? stare of death*

Me : *covers mouth* not funny.

(One weekend at home)

Mini : tap tap tap...(at the computer)

Ash : *yap yap yap into Mini's ears*...faster Mini...press here...press there...hit...etc...

Mini : Go do your Maths...Go..do your maths

Mom & Dad in the kitchen : *LOLOLOL*

(One day when Mini ponteng school)

Me : *cooking in the kitchen*

Mini : Mommy, can I have something to eat?

Me : OK...just give me a minute. Let me finish this first. Very fast one.

Mini : OK and walks out..

10 minutes later...

Mini : *walks in to see me still cooking* Howz it going? I thought you going to be faster...

Me : *facepalm*

(One weekend at Grandparents' house)

At mama and yeh yeh's house. Mama was in the shower. Left Yeh yeh to entertain the monkeys.

Mini : Yeh Yeh, I want nen-nen. Can you make for me?

Yeh Yeh : Err...hmmm...I don't know how to make. You ask Mama when she finish shower.

Mini : I teach you. First you put water in the bottle. And then, you put milk. See? Is easy.

Yeh Yeh : *LOL*

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