Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Little Ponies

If you want to know my girls' personality type, watch My Little Pony. The girls have been obsessing about the movie. So much so that they've each identified the pony that they each love.

Ash says she loves Twilight Sparkle and Mini says she prefers Rainbow Dash.

So...who are these ponies? Well, according to Wiki (yeah, the ponies have to be Wiki-ed) :

Twilight is..well, the pony series Friendship is Magic in fact revolves around the daily ins and outs of Twilight's life. She's the one holding the group together, the magic element, the one they call when the kitchen sink is know, THE one.

Rainbow Dash on the other hand is being described as "a tomboyish pegasus pony who helps control the weather" so says Mr. Wiki. 

In essence, Ash is a little like Twilight. She bosses Mini around, to a certain extent bosses her friends around, quite the socialite (so says her teacher...actually, it's more like she talks too much in class) and is responsible and reliable (so says her teacher...again). 

And...Mini, is Rainbow Dash! Except perhaps Mini doesn't help control the weather - she sets the weather! She decides if it will rain or shine in this household. So much for helping eh? 

Anyway, these 2 just love love love their Pony. Everyday they'd ask for a dose of Pony. Like drugs, they can never breathe without My Little Pony. They would even call each other "Twilight" "Rainbow Dash"...should I be worried? 

To be honest, really doesn't worry me because it's just a phase. They will soon be bored and off to something else. Look what happened to Barney? Maybe I should get them to find whitecraft Saddleback Wicker Collection. It might just be the thing that gets them away from the Pony business. 

What do you think? Will it work?

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